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22 Nov 2017


Minnippi wins Civil Contractors Federation National Earth Award

Minnippi last night won the Civil Contractors Federation National Earth Award for projects with a value of $10M to $30M.

BMD has successfully delivered an inimitable residential address that pays homage to its uniquely stunning surrounds. Located only 11 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, Minnippi at Cannon Hill offers a flawless blend of residential home sites nestled amongst over 110 hectares of open space, environmental habitat parkland and a future public golf course.

Minnippi is located on a total of 125 hectares between Creek Road, Fursden Road and Bulimba Creek. Brisbane City Council entered into an agreement with BMD to undertake the project, after a tender process that began in 1998.

The project incurred lengthy delays in commencing construction due to significant site constraints, community opposition and market conditions. Upon resolving these challenges, the project commenced in 2015 with remediation of the former Fursden Road tip site that forms the south east corner of the site. The successful completion of the tip remediation including the installation of a permanent leachate disposal system, was the first and necessary stage of the development.

Following the tip remediation, construction commenced in late 2016 on the headworks (access road and sewer lead in) and three residential stages comprising of 117 lots (113 house lots and four medium density lots), as well as landscaped park areas. The residential development was vital to ensure the project’s success, with the revenue from land sales to pay for construction of the future public golf course for the enjoyment of the new residents but also the local community.CCF QLD Earth Awards 2017 – Excellence in Civil Construction

With the development opening to builders in June 2017, the estate is soon to be home to more than 160 dwellings. BMD successfully delivered individual housing lots between 450m2 and 1,025m2, and four medium density sites for units or townhouses. Minnippi has quickly found its way to the top of the list for those seeking visionary architectural living in an exclusive enclave.

Prior to BMD’s works, the site had limited public access being heavily weed inducted and environmentally degraded by decades of use as grazing land and use for a land fill tip. Whilst the majority of the site is within the Bulimba Creek floodplain, BMD has delivered a residential community nestled amongst natural bush while enhancing the environmental amenity of the local area.

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