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27 Sep 2023

Latest News

Celebrating the last release ever at Minnippi!

As we celebrated the grand opening of Minnippi Golf & Range, we were also thrilled to congratulate those who became proud owners in Minnippi’s final release, The Magnolia Release. It was a day filled with excitement and anticipation, and it marked the beginning of a new chapter in Minnippi’s vibrant community. 

The Magnolia Release has been a remarkable success, with 8 out of the 13 available lots sold within days of the release. Our final 5 remaining lots, nestled in the prime location of Sutton Place, range in size from 400m2 to 414m2, and offer a unique opportunity to reside right alongside Brisbane’s eagerly anticipated Minnippi Golf & Range public course, providing an unparalleled front-row view of the course itself.

The opening weekend on September 3rd was a celebration of both Brisbane’s newest golf course, and a vibrant community taking shape. The activities and entertainment hosted by Minnippi Golf & Range showcased the spirit of Minnippi – a place where fun, family, and togetherness thrive. From mini-golf and a petting zoo to face painting, an inflatable adventure zone, and live music, the day was a testament to what Minnippi stands for!

As we look ahead to the future, we’re excited about what lies ahead for Minnippi. While we bid farewell to the final chapter of Minnippi’s land releases, we’re equally thrilled for the newly opened Minnippi Golf & Range and can’t wait to welcome our new residents to the community. 

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