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Stewardship of the Environment.

At Urbex we integrate environmental and social considerations in the way we do business and deliver certainty for the communities in which we operate.

Stewardship of the environment and our communities has always been a priority. We are committed to working with local communities and leaving a lasting legacy through the delivery of sustainable and integrated infrastructure.

In undertaking the 125-hectare Minnippi project, Urbex has delivered a new residential community whilst successfully remediating a 12-hectare floodplain tip, and doubling Squirrel Glider habitat to 60 hectares.

Exemplary environmental sustainability.

Focussing on native species and vegetation to minimise impact has been a forefront objective. Improving and expanding habitat for the Squirrel Glider population has improved the bushland setting within which the Minnippi community is nestled.

Intensive research and planning for the native Squirrel Glider population continues, to date including:

  • $2 million supporting works;
  • Southern Cross University PHD student engaged for 5+ years who monitors / conducts research on predation, fringe effects, genetics, etc;
  • Habitat doubled to 60 hectares;
  • Installation of Glider poles with monitoring cameras, which retain habitat connectivity;
  • 40 nest boxes, monitoring cameras and emergency action plan.

Detailed Habitat, Rehabilitation, Flood and Bushfire Management.

Minnippi is successfully opening 125 hectares of degraded site to the public, providing significant conservation zones and environmental areas. This is being undertaken through:

  • Detailed Habitat, Rehabilitation, Flood and Bushfire Management plans based on GPS mapping of ecological systems and over 2,000 native trees;
  • Weeds reduced from 80% of vegetation to 5% and mulched on site/dropped for habitat;
  • 80,000+ native tube stock to date with early/advanced plantings and assisted re-generation;
  • Rubbish removal including asbestos and dumped waste;
  • Improved marine habitat (9 hectares to 10 hectares), fish passage and recovery after Gold Course flood inundation;
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